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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> armed and on the rhine, police searched for a man responsible for a robbery in a least two counties. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell.
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a convenience store worker in harford county was shot saturday night during the spree. police say the man attempted to rob three other stores. kim dacey and has the story. >> you should do the job without worrying out somebody coming in and shooting you. >> the alleged crime spree started in belair, harford county. just before 11:00 p.m. saturday, police say a man with a gun demanded money from the clerk of the clerk activated an alarm. authorities say the man ran out of the store without cash and headed north. 22 minutes and two miles later, the guy goes into an exxon with the gun and demanded money. the owner told us the employee opened the cash register and the suspect, wearing a mask, shot the employee and took off with money. the employee was shot through the arm and into his chest. >> real bad. >> fast forward three hours and 22 miles, in baltimore county, a
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man was robbed again point, and 40 minutes later, the same thing happens at mount royal farms in baltimore avenue in dundalk. police say that these incidents may be related to the bel-air stickups. >> he has been lucky so far, but, you know, hopefully everybody keeps an eye out and try to do that. >> a similar investigation in anne arundel county. police there are trying to figure out if a series of armed robberies at convenience stores are links. an armed man walked into a 7- eleven store at furnace branch road around 3:30 sunday morning and demanded money. it is unclear how much he made away with. 15 minutes later, a similar robbery at a 7-eleven store at the 1600 blockblock of furnace branch road. and a man robbed a store at oak manor drive. no one was injured in any of
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those incidents. a bicyclist injured in a hit- and-run last week has died. the search continues for the driver that it 25-year-old alex hernandez. police say hernandez was attempting to cross ritchie highway when he was struck by a black mid-size sedan. if you have information, call anne arundel county police. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake needs a crisis response exercise to mark the 10th anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire. 10 years ago today, the train derailed in the howard street tunnel, spilling chemicals and sparking a fire that could not be put out for five days. csx paid the city $2 million for the damage done and for the containment efforts. we will have a look at how things have changed tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. a not guilty plea from two political operatives accused of making robocalls on election day. paul schurick and julius henson appeared in court this morning.
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the pair was indicted in june for allegedly trying to dissuade voters from going to the polls, with robocalls claiming that martin o'malley already won the election and that voters could stay at home. the trial is set to begin at in september. relentless heat continues across much of the country, and the northeast could see some of the hottest temperatures so far this summer. ava has more on the humidity. we are feeling it. >> that is the news you want to hear, right? you can see it happening. we had the large bubble of heat in the midwest. we started the day in the mid- 80's. they are an hour behind us and they are already as warm as us right now. 91 degrees. we will feel the worst of the heat here as we get through late in the week. today is pretty typical of what you would expect on a hot summer day. quite a bit of sunshine, but increasing clouds. a cold front is on the way and
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that will bring a chance for storms tonight. not a major relief in temperatures. stay tuned to my seven-day forecast to see how hot it is going to get. >> it is crunch time on capitol hill. the government will default on its loans august 2 if the government cannot agree on the debt ceiling. both sides are having a tough time finding middle ground. >> today on capitol hill, senator tom coburn unveiled the most ambitious plan yet to break the debt ceiling stalemate. >> i wouldn't expect it to pass, but i would expect people to look at it. >> he is taking aim on a $9 trillion in government cuts. >> take half of them. half of them solve our problem. >> it is one of several competing republican efforts to meet that deadline to raise cockle sam's credit limit. senate majority -- to raise uncle sam's credit limit.
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senate minority leader mitch mcconnell -- >> what it does it says we will not take accountability for our decisions. >> before moving forward, the tea party is getting a vote on a balanced budget amendment. >> the real deal, to limit spending and get us in it balance, would be an amendment to our constitution. without that we are going to talk to each other and run america into the ground. >> plenty of plans, but right now no clear way forward. the balanced budget amendment likely does not have the votes to pass, but it could clear the path to a compromise. >> general david petraeus hands over command of american and coalition forces in afghanistan. he steps down after a mixed year in charge of more than 140,000 international troops in the country. he was the architect of the strategy that aimed to bring peace through an emphasis on protecting the local population and decisive strikes against
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insurgents. he is headed to washington to lead the cia. he will be replaced by general john allen. for the first time in three years, casey anthony woke up a free woman. >> she is not worth the time of day. she is dead in my room. >> an angry crowd gathered outside the jail early saturday morning and scream as the florida mother was released. her whereabouts has kept -- have been kept secret for the last 36 hours. the 24-year-old received numerous death threats, but a lawyer told about the today show" that she is safe. a new study finds that you can worry a bit less when sending them off -- sending kids off with a grandma and grandpa. changes in how california is maki
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>> a tour bus crash in new york kills two and injures dozens. the bus left washington, d.c. sunday morning as stop in pennsylvania for lunch. it crashed 55 miles southeast of rochester to a preliminary report indicates attire blowout
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may be to blame. california has become the first state to mandate a history lesson in public schools. a state senator proposed the bill, which was signed by gov. jerry brown. supporters say that children should have the opportunity to learn this, but some parents think it should be optional. >> to let people know that gay people have a history, it should be told. >> in today's society, maybe yes, but being required is pushing it a little too far. >> the leader of one conservative group says that parents should pull their kids out of california public schools. an investigation is underway to investigate possible police corruption. it comes in the wake up phone hacking scandal that has prompted the resignation of the scotland yard chief an assistant police commissioner. former "news of the world" editor rebekah brooks was arrested and released over the
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weekend. she is now expected to testify about the case could just ahead, cedric entertainer joins us to talk about his new show. >> there is a cold front showing up on the radar in the northeast. showers and storms are moving into pennsylvania, but it will not bring a change and temperatures, just a chance for storms. let's get a live look outdoors. steamy humid 291 at b.w.i.
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>> and now your insta-weather- plus forecast with ava marie. >> we are going to take into the temperatures outdoors across the state. it is hard to look at these. is only the noon hour. 92 at the harbor, 91, b.w.i.
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chestertown at 87. ocean city, 87. a sliver of hope towards the west. temperatures are stuck in the 70's in places like oakland. that is the exception rather than of the rule. we have concerns over air quality. stagnant, high pollution levels, at least for a sensitive groups. code orange right now. if you have asthma or respiratory problems, limit your outdoor activities today. high-pressure is in control, at least for now. a cold front is starting to make its way towards the northeast. this is what take off as those that distrust towards it new york. it is not going to bring a change in temperature is. rather, just a chance for thunderstorms into the night. what is ahead is this heat in the midwest, record-breaking heat from texas all the way to minnesota. it will bring a warmer temperatures as we go through
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the rest of the workweek. topics are heating up. here we have the second tropical storm. this is just off the east coast of florida. it is affecting the bahamas with northwestern -- tropical storm warnings out. it is likely to track up towards the north and east. it is likely to parallel but still well offshore. the only major concern for the east coast may be a recurrence. the waters get roughed up a little bit. you may see rip currents toward ocean city and outer banks. print it will continue head off with the northeast. maybe toward bermuda, and then towards the atlantic. no major tropical concerns right now. as for all weather, it is that he and humidity. quite a lot of sunshine out, but clouds will be increasing later in the day. mostly in the low 90s. mid-nineties out there. that is the trend as we go through out the seven-day
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forecast. we are expecting temperatures to continue to climb. you may want to close your eyes out, because look at the temperatures by the end of the week. cold front may bring a chance for storms tonight and tuesday, isolated from wednesday. it could be isolated to the mountains for the rest of the week. the high heat and humidity we are talking about. maker sure you check out the record temperatures across the country. it hit 126 degrees at arkansas, 1936. we show you the hottest days state-by-state on >> we should be feeling quite cool then. the final installment of "harry potter" series was box office magic for warner brothers. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" broke all records this week end.
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comedienne cedric the entertaine -- comedian cedric the entertainer returns to primetime as most of "it's worth what?" he joins us live from burbank to talk about the show. great to have you. >> good morning, how are you? or afternoon. >> same thing, pretty much. you have done everything. white a game show? >> this is about america's fascination with how much things cost. we think we know how much of the costs when we see it, someone's shoes or ladies begged. bag.lady's we got expense of collectible items, sports cars, items that belonged to celebrities. people on at the show, two contestants, guess the cost, and
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if at they wainwright, and they get the chance to walk out with $1 million. -- if they win right, they get a chance to walk out with $1 million. >> appealed to you about the show? >> i grew up loving game shows, "price is right," "let's make a deal." it may be want to get involved. i love the idea that you think you know how much things cost is a cool play-along came. everybody can play this game. "there is no way that thing is over $40,000," and you find out is $600,000, and you are like, oh, no. >> oh, no. we have seen you in movies and comedy shows, but you are also in a playstation 2 game, given a beatdown in a wwe match.
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what else is on your bucket list? >> i have a lot of cool stuff on there. for me, i just directed my first movie, so i have been independent film, out later in the fall. i will keep pushing it, keep an uncanny, keep creating a stock. like ice -- keep entertaining, keep reading stuff. like i said, i am having a good time doing it. >> we have a good time watching you. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you so much. >> "it's worth what?" premieres tuesday, july 19, 88:00 on a wbal-tv 11 -- at 8:00 on wbal-tv 11. alert,"'s "medical chances are you know someone with cataracts. babies can also be affected, and it is something that needs to be treated right away. >> parker, almost two, and her
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7-month-old sister are unusually comfortable doing it and i exam. they are used to it because they were born with cataracts. >> i knew the minute she was born, i had a gut feeling. >> the father was also born with the condition at. but he and his wife say their older daughter's diagnosis was unexpected. >> it was a devastating day for us. >> this doctor says that cataracts in babies is rare, but still affects hundreds and the philadelphia area every year. >> sometimes you can see a white is right in the middle of the people, but -- whiteness in the middle of the lens but often it is unnoticeable. >> these sisters had a cataract his surgically removed. the doctor says that the mission is impaired and surgery must be
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done early in life. >> if you leave it in, the child will be blind in that i, even if you remove it at a year of age. if you leave them without a vision for the first year of life, that i will not be able to see. >> joe is so grateful for his vision that he named his daughter after the doctor that treated him. >> the fact that i can see and operate as a normal human being, i am lucky. >> i do is study the -- a new study finds that kids are safer in car accidents when a grandparent is driving. researchers studied five years with the crash did and found that grandparents were in crashes at 9% at the time but that only resulted in 6% of total injuries. researchers think this is because grandparents take extra caution when driving with precious cargo.
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coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast with ava.
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>> tonight at 5:00, the latest on a deadly crash from over the weekend. police say an innocent man died when a stolen car crashed into his vehicle. police are searching for another suspect. the latest on the investigation and more on the man killed in
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that crash. a florida woman is vested after being trapped in a swamp for a few more days. details on how she made it out alive on 11 news at 5:00. and now your maryland lottery de pick three and pick four numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. let's do this, let's play your pick 3 numbers right now. 7 4 8 we will get your pick four in just a moment, but first, now there are two great ways to enter the double play contest. enter your non winning double play, and the amazing 8 scratch- off at, for a chance to win cash and orioles prices. bob diamond is set and ready to go with your pick four numbers.
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1 0 7 your final number for your pick four game is a 5. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> ava has one last check on std forecast. >> -- on asti meet forecasts. >> the records unbelievable this time of year. >> we don't want to go there. >> not just yet, in the upcoming forecast. more clouds building in the afternoon tonight. cold front in the area will not bring a change in the temperatures, it just a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow, isolated storm on wednesday, and temperatures should skyrocket from there. by friday, 100 degrees. definitely some places will be up to 100, if not more by the
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end of the week. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> watch tonight but wit
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